Where to Eat in Galveston

Galveston is filled with great places to eat! 

We hope you will try each and every one, check back often as we add new spots to get good eats!

Gypsy Joynt Cafe

If you like off-beat and funky, Galveston is the place for you. If you love good food served with a funky vibe, the Gypsy Joynt is the place for you. It's not surprising to learn that the Gypsy Joynt got its start in Austin. It's still one of the best-kept secrets in Galveston. Located off the Strand in downtown Galveston, this jewel is tucked away a little further down Market Street than most people go. And this is okay with us locals because we like not having to wait for hours to get our food! The great folks are run a wonderful restaurant and really give back to the people of Galveston. They also source their seafood locally which is very cool. Speaking of seafood, my favorite dish is the Oscar Ocean. This sandwich has a homemade bun, pesto, balsamic vinegar dressing, veggies, and grilled fish. the menu consists of a mix of traditional foods like chicken strips and mac and cheese along with crazy combinations of seafood and veggies. The pizzas are the things dreams are made of- if you dream about food, which I do. The deserts are AMAZING! We love this spot!
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Gypsy Joynt, Galveston TX, Galveston Island, Shrimp, good eats
Gypsy Joynt, Galveston Texas, Foodie, Good Eats, Galveston Island
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Black Pearl Oyster Bar

The Black Pearl Oyster Bar sits at the corner of 23rd Street and Market. It also sits at the corner of delicious and amazing. With seafood favorites and a Cajun Flair, there is no reason not to hit this place when you are in Galveston. The Black Pearl is located in the historic Strand District and is a Galveston staple. I, personally, would eat there just because of the name. It makes me think of pirates and given that a bona fide pirate, Jean Lafitte, once called Galveston home- well, what’s not to love. Thankfully, you won’t be disappointed when you taste the food. As the full name implies, they serve LOTS of oysters in many different ways. They are definitely a fan favorite. I, however, am not an oyster fan so that is not why I go there. They serve the best Boudin balls on the island. The homemade remoulade sauce that comes with those delightful things is also fantastic. The shrimp po’boys are amazing and enough for two, also served with that tasty remoulade sauce. I always have a hard time choosing between the seafood platter and the shrimp po’boy. So, I recommend going with a friend that way you can share plates and you don’t actually have to choose. If seafood isn’t your thing, they offer a great hamburger, chicken alfredo, and several great salads. Another fabulous thing about the Black Pearl: they buy their seafood locally whenever possible. This means you are supporting local fishermen whenever you treat yourself to this great food. Author: Holly K. Ross
The Black Pearl, good eats, Galveston Texas, Galveston Island
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